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About Little Feet Soft Play Rentals, LLC

Who We Are

Little Feet Soft Play Rentals was created with our little people in mind. As a mother of 5 and an Early Childhood Educator my goal has always been to cultivate the early learner and create a space that is safe and fun for them to learn and grow.  Our play spaces bring a peace of mind for parents and is an interactive play environment for infants and toddlers. Our extensive research and history in the early childhood education field has been our main focus when developing each unique age appropriate package. At Little Feet Soft Play Rentals, we believe that offering a safe play zone that promotes social and emotional development in the young learner, can make a big difference in their lives as they grow. We strive to be the best soft play rental shop in the industry; Book with Little Feet Soft Play Rentals, LLC today and experience the joy with your child as they enter into a world of imagination and exploration.

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